Gatsby Dancers Sydney

Gatsby Dancers in Sydney

For Excellent Gatsby Dancers in Sydney, Trust Motif Dance Productions


If you’re hosting an event that requires an astounding performance from Gatsby dancers in Sydney, our team can provide it. From concept to completion, we can manage, choreograph, and style the dancers to suit your needs. With our in-house choreographer Sophie at the reigns of your vision, you’ll receive nothing but the highest in event entertainment quality.


What Sets Us Apart from Competition When You Need Gatsby Dancers


  • Our Sydney dancers are the best in the industry. They are all exceptional at what they do, regardless of the type of event or the style of dance. If you need the best, you’ll find them with us.
  • Our in-house choreographer Sophie is highly sought-after in her field. With a portfolio that spans the globe, she has been at the forefront of countless productions. Aside from her excellent dancing skills, her ability to choreograph has proven time and again that it is nothing short of amazing.
  • We can work with any theme and budget. Whether you have a small or large budget to go with your vision, we pride ourselves on being able to achieve the impossible. We love to step up to the challenge and give you and the rest of the audience a night to remember.


Benefits of Choosing Us for Your Gatsby Entertainment in Sydney


  • When you choose us, you get only the highest quality service. From our professional dancers to our professional managers, you get the best service. Whether we’re involved in the concept of your vision, the polishing thereof, or everything in-between as well, you can count on us to deliver breathtaking results.
  • We can meet whatever budget you have. We understand that some clients have a tighter budget. If that is the case, you’ll be happy to know that we can still work with you and always add that wow factor to your event.
  • We tailor everything we do to your exact requirements. Our clients are often the pioneers of these projects; we simply realise what they had in their minds. If you have the vision, we have the means to make it happen.


About Our Top-Quality Gatsby Entertainment


With an extensive portfolio of work garnered over the last nine years, we’ve been providing top-quality choreography all over Sydney, including fantastic entertainment to fit the Gatsby theme. Our Managing Director, Sophie Gospodarczyk’s work has left countless clients and audience members in awe, and you can trust that when she works with you, she’ll do it again. She has earned accomplishments all over the world and has become a highly sought-after choreographer internationally.


Whether you need promotions, choreography, or entertainment, we can provide it all. Our work boasts success after success for numerous clients, and we’d love to add you to the list of satisfied customers. With our concept-to-conclusion approach, we can organise everything. Whether you need dancers, styling, choreography, management, or all of those, you can count on us. If you know what your project needs and you feel it would benefit from our expertise, give us a call, and we’ll get the ball rolling on the event you’ll never forget.