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Are you looking for a great dance entertainment company in Sydney? Whether you want to get your guests up and moving or give them a show they can sit back and enjoy, a dance performance is a great choice. At Motif Dance Productions, we can provide entertainment to suit your time frame, budget, style, and many other requirements.


Tips for Getting More Value Out of Your Sydney Entertainment


If you’re hiring an entertainment company in Sydney to provide dancers or choreography for a special event, you want to do everything you can to have the best experience possible. Here are a few tips for working with entertainers in Sydney.


  • Know your style and theme. What style of dancers will suit your event best? A corporate event, a family-friendly festival, and a private party will all require different types of performances.
  • Discuss the details. A good dance production company will work with you to create a show that’s meaningful, visually stunning, and fun. Communicate clearly about what you want down to the smallest detail.
  • Talk with your entertainers about the venue. Make sure that your dancers or entertainers know any relevant specifics about your venue, such as whether there is a sound system, the size and surface of the dance floor, and whether there is a dressing area available.


Related Services We Provide to Dance Entertainment


At Motif Dance Productions, we’re more than just dancers. We are a boutique production company that provides entertainment, choreography, and more for a wide range of events, TV, film, music videos, clubs, experiential marketing, and more. Here are some of the services we can offer.


  • Choreography. We provide bespoke choreography services for a variety of productions and events. We love collaborating with our clients to create original performances tailored to their unique specifications. Whether you need choreography for a fashion show, a film or TV show, a musical, a product launch, an art exhibit, or something different, we have you covered.
  • Entertainment. Do you need roving characters for a party? How about something spicy, such as burlesque dancers, podium dancers, or even a martini glass girl for a private event? Does your event have a specific theme, such as Arabian Nights, Chinese New Year, Christmas, or Phantom of the Opera? Would you like to plan a flash mob or hire a contortionist? We can do all this and much more.
  • Promotions. Our creative director and choreographer, Sophie, has an extensive background in promotions and experiential marketing. Her experience and skills go above and beyond when it comes to creating powerful brand awareness. If you’re planning a new product launch, a sampling event, a sponsorship activation or a roadshow, we can provide the professional staff that you need to help make your event a roaring success.


About Motif Dance Productions


For nearly ten years, Motif Dance Productions has been providing entertainment and other dance-related services to the Sydney area and beyond. Our dancers are the best in the industry, and our choreographer is one of the most sought-after around. We can deliver corporate entertainment to suit any theme or budget – and we pride ourselves on achieving the impossible. Whatever your time frame, location, or budget, we’ll make it work.


We look forward to making your event truly memorable – contact us today.

Professional Dancers In Sydney

Enhance Your Event with Professional Dancers in Sydney


Employing the skills of professional dancers in Sydney is bound to raise the level of any event. They’re ultimately entertainers and can whisk your audience away to another world.


What You Should Know About Professional Event Dancers


Co-ordinating an event is a stressful process, especially choosing the right entertainment for your audience. It’s easy to fail in this area by hiring entertainers that don’t fit the style of the event. It’s advisable to select professionals with an existing track record to ensure the event’s entertainment is a success.


  • They’re adaptable. A professional dance company is always open to suggestions and last-minute changes. The nature of event planning is uncertain, and plans can change in a second. With a reputable dance company, dancers can adapt to any changes in your event.
  • Authentic costumes. Events usually adopt a theme to create a festive atmosphere. However, the entertainment should also follow this route and dress up to match the occasion. Examples of these would be Arabian Nights, Chinese New Year, Latin Fever and Burlesque, to name a few. Hiring an experienced company ensures the dancers are not only dressed to math the theme of your event but the costumes are top of the line.
  • Full-scale productions. A dance company that is capable of producing full productions from concept to completion is the ideal choice. Having them take responsibility for backdrops, sound, lighting, props, and special effects, take the stress out of organising it all yourself.


Why Trust Motif Dance Productions Regarding Professional Dancers for Events in Sydney


We provide choreography, creative direction, production for events, fashion shows, music videos and clubs throughout Australia and around the world. As an established entertainment company, we know what it takes to pull off an event.


  • We’re energetic and motivated. We set high standards for ourselves and continue striving for greater heights. There is no event too large or too small for us. We pride ourselves on achieving the impossible regardless of time frame, budget or location. Our goal is to fulfil your vision and bring it to life.
  • Extensive training and experience. Our founder and lead choreographer, Sophie Gospodarczyk, is renowned in the industry for her sleek creativity. She’s trained and worked all around the world and brought a fresh approach to dance styles and choreography and the ability to adapt to various facets of entertainment.
  • Our list of satisfied clients. Over the years, Sophie and her team have provided entertainment for many reputable names here in Australia and abroad. Some of our credits include Mardi Gras for the City of Sydney, product launches for Magnum Infinity, Skechers and Ikea, and fashion shows for Toni & Guy.


Sophie has incredible individual accomplishments, performing as Ariel at Tokyo Disney Sea and Hong Kong Disneyland, amongst others.


About Motif Dance Productions


We’ve been performing and entertaining audiences for over a decade with outstanding results and have blown our clients away each and every time. From choreography to entertainment and promotions, our professional dancers ensure they stick to your instructions and perform at their very best.

Contact us for an extraordinary experience at your event.