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Dance Choreographer Sydney

When You Need a Dance Choreographer in Sydney, Choose Motif Dance Productions


If you’re looking for a dance choreographer in Sydney to help you and your team, we have the skills. Whether you need us to polish the last bit of the routine you’ve been working on or you need a production developed from the ground up, we’d love to help. Motif Dance Productions has the portfolio to prove that when we do it, we do it right.


Why We’re Your Best Choice When You’re Looking for a Sydney Choreographer


  • We’re proud to say we always strive to achieve the impossible. When you’re worried about finishing in time or on budget, we can assure you we’ll step up to the challenge. We can also find the ideal locations if that’s what we need to do, and we’ll realise your vision as close to perfection as you need it to be.
  • Whatever the needs of your event are, we’ll always tailor our concepts and creations to suit your style. You never have to change what you envision for us. We adapt and make sure our work can step in line gracefully.
  • We set out to work every event with the highest level of professionalism. We don’t want your event just to be another part of another day. When you hire Motif Dance Productions, your event is bound to turn heads and be memorable for years to come.


Signs You Should Contact Us When You Need a TV Choreographer


  • You’re looking for the absolute best. Motif is on par with international standards. If you want to stun the attendees of your event without question, we’re the best choice. Whether for a small or large event, we’ll take the space and turn it into magnificence.
  • You want to look at a portfolio of work before you decide. Our managing director, Sophie Gospodarczyk’s portfolio of work will astound even the most accomplished in the field. From The Star to working with internet sensation Sketchshe, Sophie has done it all and done it excellently.
  • You want professional work done by professional people. Your event requires not only talented people but people who respect what you want to accomplish. When you work with us, you get commitment not only to the project, but also your vision. Whatever it needs, we’ll get it done to your satisfaction.


About Motif Dance Productions as a Television Choreographer


With an extensive portfolio of work garnered over the last nine years, we’ve been providing top-quality choreography all over Sydney. Our Managing Director, Sophie Gospodarczyk’s work has wowed countless clients and audience members. She has been all over the world with her work, and her accomplishments are numerous.


From choreography to entertainment to promotions, your occasions will never need a different group. Our work boasts success after success for countless clients, and we’d love to add you to the list of satisfied customers. With our concept-to-conclusion approach, we can organise everything. Whether you need dancers, styling, choreography, management, or all of those, you can count on us. If you know what your project needs and you feel it would benefit from our finesse, give us a call, and we’ll start working immediately.